LAST UPDATED March 2018.

CL-415 and Catalina pages updated.

The first model aircraft I remember making was a Keil Kraft “Cub” given to me by my uncle. I painted it a wonderful shade of red, which must have weighed as much as the model...needless to say I can’t remember it actually flying, but I do remember whizzing it round and round on a length of thread.  I must have been 6 or 7 at the time.

The next model I remember with any clarity was another KK design, the “Senator”. Here I am aged 10, with my sister Viv, on holiday in Coverdale, one of the Yorkshire dales, in the summer of 1954.  Every boy wore shorts and sandals like that then! The Senator flew, but not for very long - just look at the prop!

A while later, after Combat flying wings, a KK “Spectre” stunter, various gliders and scale models, modelling abandoned me while I pursued the usual compulsory adult activties. One afternoon I was laid up with some sporting injury and my wife brought me a copy of RCME which had as a free plan Clive Smalley’s “Orange Box”, a 60” span RC glider. A week or so later it was flying in Farnham Park and I was teaching myself the art of radio control!

Since then I have pursued my interest in Sopwith aircraft, but not completely ignored other manufacturers. You can see where my aeromodelling has reached on the pages of this website

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Latest - a 52” span model of the Short Singapore, made in Depron, powered by four 20g 1300kV motors with a 3S 2200mAh battery. Maiden was on 6 November at Longham

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