The Airco DH2 revisited

Some years ago I made a 1/9 scale model of the DH2, with a geared speed 400 power.  She flew well and was featured as a plan in Tony Dowdeswell’s Flying Scale Models for Jan/Feb 2001, then as a Turnkey laser-cut kit of parts, then as a build diary by Frank von Jaershky (the Hun in the Sun) on RC Groups at http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=244004.  His model is still flying and we are in regular correspondence. Rekitter also had a build thread at http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=332501&highlight=DH+2 and there are quite a few threads on various aspects of the model. The plan is still available from FSM, and I have my own hand-drawn originals which are modified to show the aileron option

Mine has hung in the ceiling of my model room for some time, until gradually I felt it needed a bit of TLC and some wind in its wires.

So here we go!

Eight years of dust leaves quite a mess on the top surfaces.  Fortunately a vacuum cleaner got rid of most of it.

....the above was written a couple of years ago as for various reasons the DH2 was shunted to one side. Following a move from a room in the house to a shed in the garden, the comfy perch occupied by the model became occupied by fresh plaster and new paint. No chance of her hanging there again!

So this September I added a 2812 brushless motor and replaced the old Fleet RC gear with an Orange RX and some new servos and a 10 amp SC. The 7 cell Nicads were replaced by a 2-cell 1300 Lipo, all finished off with a nice shiny wooden 10 x 6 prop.

She flew again on 20 October 2012 (nearly 12 years after she was built) and performed perfectly, chuntering gently round the field and landing softly and safely. The covering, markings, paint and structure are completely unchanged from new. Perhaps I was quite a good builder in those far-off days!

At Stanpit Rec back in 2001

20 October 2012 at Strawberry Field. Photo by Trevor Hewson

Nearly home!

She practically lands herself and so flatters my flying skills. I have the Vickers MC gun stored for fitting, and am looking for a pilot.

Another TH photo

...and on a very misty afternoon in October, now with pilot and gun.

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