The plans listed are in two categories: those that have been published and are ready to build from, and those that are less developed but still offer a builder a good basis for a scale model.

Most of the 36” span built-up models, covered in Litespan, weighed around 20oz and were slightly underpowered with a geared speed 400 motor running off 6 cells. A 150 watt brushless motor with a 10” prop and a 2-cell 1300mAh LiPo battery would make a far better combination.

The depron models are mostly 30” span, weighing around 8 oz and were built for the GWS IPS motor and 6 500 NiCds. Any small brushless motor and a 500mAh 2-cell LiPo would suit them very well.

All the plans are in the process of being published free to copy on an RC Groups Thread and some of them will be offered as short kits by Steve at Summit Model Aeronautics





Source or Magazine

Sopwith Tabloid

36” span, built-up construction. 18 - 20 oz flying weight

01 Tabloid prototype 1913

This was the first plan I had published and is of the Prototype, with details of the Schneider Trophy winner. It’s a simple build.


The pizza base cuff on the rudder proved unnecessary.

FSM Sep/Oct 2000


Span 38”, built up construction

02 Mike & Frank & the DH2

This is a slightly more complex model with external control wires and the scale tail boom, but it all goes together easily enough.


Frank Jaerschky (he’s on the right) built one in an RC Groups thread in 2002, adding ailerons, CF boom components and a 4-bladed wooden prop. And it’s still flying!

FSM Jan/Feb 2001

Sopwith Triplane

36” span, built-up construction

03 Sopwith Triplane

Very simple construction makes into a fabulous little model. The final assembly needs a little care to get the wing incidences correct.



FSM May/Jun 2001

Sopwith Gordon Bennett

36” span, built-up construction

04 Sopwith G-B

A unique aircraft and a first-time plan.

Researched, designed and drawn from two pictures of the plane. It features a lighter construction than the Tabloid and has wing warping shown on the plan.

The real thing was built to Hawker’s specification for the G-B race in 1914 and had a 100hp Gnome engine. It was impressed into the RFC and flew in the “Fast Flight” at Hendon as a scout..

FSM Apr 2002

Sopwith Bee

28” span (1/8th scale) built-up construction

03 Bee

Another unique aircraft, and also a first-time plan. The original was tiny (18’ span) and the model has a large wing area for its size.

Details of a longer-nose version are included in the plan below.

A fully detailed 1/8th 3-view is also available price 20

FSM Oct 2003

Sopwith Bee

Span 15” depron construction


Built almost entirely from 1mm depron and using a Falcon indoor motor servo/RX brick and single cell, this little model is full of character. The “Gnat” powered version on the right is shown on the plan.


X05 Sopwith Tadpole

Not published but fully drawn up plan available

Sopwith Sparrow

32” span depron construction

06 Sopwith Sparrow

Another unique Sopwith and a first-time plan. The model has excellent proportions and flies very well.

The plan includes detailed 3-views and side elevations of various derivatives, including Watson’s Sparrow, the 1925 survivor and the “Aerial Target” pilotless version

RCMF May 2004

Bristol Scout

32” span depron construction

04 Bristol Scout

A classic WWI scout/fighter with the option of adding ailerons to the rudder/elevator/SC controls


AMI Sep 2004

Rossiten-Motor AS

48” span built-up construction

09 Rossiten Motor

This graceful 1930s motor-glider was converted from an Aeromodeller Annual plan by Kurt Schnittke. The model has been built at 72” span with scale ailerons

09 Rossiten Motor 2

AMI Dec 2004

Sopwith Tabloid SS3

24” span built-up construction

07 Sopwith Tabloid SS3

Yet another unique Sopwith first time plan. This Tabloid variant was built for the RNAS in 1915 and served in the UK and the Dardanelles. The model was built for indoor flying.

The full-size had ailerons and a bigger fin and rudder than other Tabloid, making a larger version an attractive option

FSM Feb 2005

Supermarine Walrus

30” span depron construction


This plan was a joint effort between me and Trevor Hewson. His all-yellow and my camo versions flew round Calshot together. The construction is slightly complicated but she is a head-turner!

Scale down and side thrust make control relatively easy, even with rudder/elevator/SC.

FSM May 2005

Bombardier CL215 and 415 Scooper

48” span depron construction. Flying weight under 1.5lbs


Originally built to take to pieces and fit into an airline carry-on box, this was a very successful design and has been repeated by a number of modellers. Plan has details of both piston and gas turbine engined versions


Powered by two 20g CD-ROM motors and a 1300mAh 2-cell LiPo battery with four functions and a flap option in the quoted weight.

FSM ? 2010

Bombardier CL415 Super Scooper72” built-up construction


This plan and a laser-cut semi-kit is available from the publisher, Radio Control Models.

It is an very lightweight build, flying at about 3.5lbs with a 3900nAh 3-cell battery and can take off grass or water.

A flap option is shown on the plan, although it was not necessary on my model.

The construction and plan is based on models by Ivan Pettigrew and duplicates their effortless performance and slow flying speed. It has real presence in the air despite its manageable proportions.

RCM ??

North American P51 Mustang 1/8th scale built-up construction


Eighth scale 56” span drawing on two sheets for any of the Mustang versions. Very lightweight structure with a flying weight of about 3 lbs. The fuselage is built on a ladder frame then sheeted with some planking.

A canopy is available as a stock item from Vortex Vacforms - the superb markings are from Callie Graphics.

Retracts are not fitted but could easily be incorporated.

Not published but fully drawn up plan available











Grob Egrett

Span 60” Foam construction


I have works 3-views of the Egrett in its prototype and later versions. The model was built from white foam with a veneered foam wing, but really should have been at 120” span for the wing to work effectively.

The plan has never been published but is ready tio build from. A tricycle retracting UC set is necessary for a scale model.

Not published but fully drawn up plan available

Westalnd Welkin

Various sizes

2009_04200017 - Copy

Originally drawn up in the early ‘80s, the plan languished until Trevor Hewson built a 62” span MkII version which performed very well indeed.

A depron version has also been built but until the long-nose MkII it was very difficult to get the CG right. The one on the right is my 48” span original for two speed 400.


Bristol Bombay

48” span, built up construction


My very first own-design completed model,. for two speed 300 motors.This is not a beginners build but has lots of wing area and flies well.


There is no real plan, just heavily annotated scale drawings.
















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