All my plans are published free to copy on an RC Groups Thread and some of them will be offered as short kits by Steve at Summit Model Aeronautics

ACCURACY CAVEAT - Most of these plans are over a decade old, all of them are from hand drawn originals and very few of them have been "beta  built".

Bombardier CL-215 (2010 version) and CL-415 (2018 version) at
post # 9
Airco DH2 (2001 free plan with Flying Scale Models) at
post # 10
16 Oct 12
Sopwith Triplane (2001 free plan from FSM) published at
post # 27
Build log by Steve85

Rossiten AS, a free plan from AMI, January 2005, published at
post #30
Bristol Scout C, from the September 2004 issue of Flying Scale Models, published at
post #33
Scout 2
Sopwith Gordon Bennett Racer, from FSM April 2002, published at
post # 36
Gordon Bennett 2
Supermarine Walrus, from the March 2005 FSM, published at
post #37
24 Flight at last!
Sopwith Bee and Tadpole, from the October 2003 FSM, published at
post #42
Finished 2
Sopwith SS3 Tabloid, from the January 2005 FSM, published at
post #49
SS3 at  (2)
The 1910 Howard-Wright Monoplane, from the March 2004 AMI, published at
post #54
Bombardier CL-415 (72" span version) from the October 2009 RC Model World, published at
post #57
54 3 Apr 01
Sopwith Schneider Racer from the August 2005 AMI. published at
post #61
At Mudeford 1
Sopwith SLTBP, Sparrow, Gnat and Aerial Target from Radio Control Model Flyer May 2004, published at
post #72

Sopwith SS1 Tabloid from the September/October 2001 FSM published at
post #73
01 Tabloid prototype
North American Mustang, an unpublished plan on two sheets for a 1/8th scale (55" span) lightweight, at
post #78
SF Flying-8079
Grob Egrett Prototype, Egrett, Egrett DST and Stratos: an unpublished 60" span plan and a number of manufacturer's drawings at
post #90

Idintos Box-Wing project, unpublished sketches for a 36" span quick and dirty rendition of this fascinating seaplane at
Post 111

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