As soon as I saw the first Fun Cub at Longham, I thought that this was for me, but only if I could get away from the corporate Multiplex identity and make something else of it. Some time ago (2005, I see from the photo) I made a Westwings J3 Cub and had a lot of fun with the markings and the paint scheme. Something similar must be possible?

Channel 4 Models had a good deal on the “shake to assemble” box and I got the hardware from various online locations.

This is the foam in the box, with a pair of feet for scale purposes.

The model is made from Elapor, which is a tough foam with a waxy surface that will not take paint. Multiplex sell a primer which is unpleasant to use but does key the surface effectively. I rollered on Dulux RAL 9003 (Olive Green), masking off the obvious areas of white, then after some more masking, rollered Dulux Black into the invasion stripes.


The windows are Tamiya Light Blue, extending the wndow area on the kit by about 50% to make a J4 glasshouse.

The feet are just 12” long.

The concrete base is for my new shed, so the Cub is its first occupant

The finished model does not look too bad, if you ignore the rather silly undercarriage.

Some struts, a bit of colour on the windows, some work on the UC and it should look a lot better.

And I have the floats for Longham almost ready...

The floats are a depron structure with some liteply reinforcement. The strings are for the float rudder bar, coming from a servo buried in the starboard float. You can see the sevro lead near the rear leg. Some more wire work needed still.

The new UC is bashed up from 2mm wire with some thin wire and dowel decoration. The wheels are just a proprietary item and I suppose one day I might fit the “bushmaster” wheels.

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