These models cover the period from 1999 when I had retired from the Army and had wonderful free time to indulge my continuing interest in aeroplanes. The school I went to as a child was on the flightpath from Middleton St George (now Teeside Airport) and Meteors and Vampires were regularly overhead. My next school was in Rutland, and we had Air Cadet trips to North Luffenham where there were Victors and Javelins, and to Benson, where I had an air experience flight in a Chipmunk.

I ran through most of the Keil Kraft scale models although lack of experience in managing rubber motors meant that their performance was ridiculously poor. The jetex ones usually ended in flames as the wick or motor caught the doped tissue and incinerated the Avro 707 or Douglas Skyray. Happy days!

Model gliding became my holiday sport, with my first RC model, a Clive Smalley “Orange Box” serving as HLG, bungee and slope soarer and honeing my repair skills as various arrivals took their toll. Flying off Caesar’s Camp north of Farnham was great fun, avoiding the MOD warden who for some reason had a serious down on model flying, even on weekends and public holidays.

Modelling accelerated in the 80s and 90s when I was based at Rheindahlen in Germany and I made a Dave Boddington trainer for .20 power and a Boddington Moth 20, my first power scale model.

My sport from the 70s to the 90s was orienteering and I was very keen on mapmaking and cartography, so my drawing skills transferred easily to making plans of the aircraft I built. I was unable to build a kit without  modifying it, so “own design” was a natural modelling choice.

An avalanche of experience and skill came after joining Christchurch and District MFC and subscribing to RC Groups. Both organisations have brought me many friends and opportunities for travel, in particular to western Canada for the annual Chilliwack meetings.

I now have a large wooden shed which is full of models, books, magazines and balsa dust. The products of its heated and comfortable interior can be seen using the tabs on the left.



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